Manal al-Sharif arrested after defying driving ban in Saudi Arabia

A few weeks ago, the article Beauty in Saudi Arabia dealt with the position of women in Saudi society. It has been said that the change of condition for women in Saudi Arabia will be slow due to considerations of religion, local cultures and traditions. If you read the article, you might have watched the video A day in the life of a Muslim wife in Saudi Arabia and the comment of that Saudi women : « Saudi Arabia does not like dramatic change (…) so society needs to be prepared and ready before women are allowed to drive.”
On May 21, Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi women was arrested after defying driving ban in Saudi Arabia. She posted a video on Youtube showing her driving in the city of Al-Khobar. Therefore « Manal al-Sharif has been taken to a correctional prison, usually used for women, after a brief detention at Al-Khobar police station » (afp source: Saudi women arrested after defying driving ban). Besides, « another Saudi women, Najla al-Hariri, drove around the Western region city of Jeddah over a few days, insisting on her right to sit behind the wheel. »

Prepared and very determined, Manal al Sharif is part of an online campaign group to allow women to get on the driving seat. Indeed the Twitter and Facebook pages of Women2Drive are encouraging women to get involved in that driving protest against the very strict ban on women driving on June 17, 2011 in Saudi Kingdom.

However, as all protests and marches are banned in Saudi Arabia, in particular when then come from women, could they follow through their ideas and hopes? Rendez-vous on June 17.