Women Reshaping the World

Women around the world suggests you have a look at these TED talks. They portray the sharing of ideas, hopes, struggles from women around the world: Women Reshaping the World

Below are examples of two personal stories that really touched me. The first one is about Nadia Al-Sakkaf,  the editor of the Yemen Times. She describes the Yemen she wants to show to the world. She ‎also points out the Western viewpoint regarding her country in particular and the rest of the non-Western world in general. As she says: « We fear what we don’t know…and we hate what we fear ». I believe she is right. In most of cases, we fear what we do not know or at least we sometimes believe too easily and quickly the preconceptions of Western media.


The second documentary deals with Shirin Neshat, an Iranian-born artist.

She explains the paradox of being an artist in exile: a voice for her people, but unable to go home. She portrays the consequences of the 1979 Revolution and the rise of Islamic society in Iran.