The girl effect campaign by Nike Foundation

Have you heard about the Girl Effect?

« It is a movement driven by girl champions around the globe. The Nike Foundation created the Girl Effect with critical financial and intellectual contributions by the NoVo Foundation and Nike Inc. and in collaboration with key partners such as the United Nations Foundation and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls.

Why girls?
Improve a girl’s life and many more lives benefit: her brothers, sisters, parents and beyond. As an educated mother, an active citizen and an ambitious entrepreneur, or prepared employee, she can break the cycle of poverty. Yet, despite her proven potential, in today’s developing countries she is more likely to be uneducated, a child bride, exposed to HIV/AIDS. And less than two cents of every international development dollar are directed to her. The world is missing out on a tremendous opportunity for change. »

Source: The girl effect

Have a look at this brilliant campaign: