Indonesian women: « My Mini Skirt, My Right »

« Don’t tell us how to dress, tell them not to rape », « My body is not porn, instead it’s your dirty mind » were two of the main signs carried by about 50 Indonesian women on Sunday September 18th in the streets of Jakarta. Women protested in response to Fauzi Bowo, Jakarta’s governor saying [after a 27-year old woman attacked in a public transport early September] that women should not wear revealing clothes such as mini-skirts to avoid rape or any violenceIn spite of his public apologies, his comments had already been broadcast throughout the local media, Facebook ,and Twitter. This led to the protest by Indonesian women for more consideration and protection in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

« According to data from Indonesia’s National Commission for Women’s Affairs, there have been more than 100,000 cases of violence against women so far this year, of which almost 4 percent were rape cases. »

Even if some ways of dressing might be considered provocative by both women and men, there is no one single woman on earth who would rather get dressed to attract violent men or rapists. The comments of Fauzi Bowo are definitely inappropriate and disrespectful in regards to the condition of women. Rape is a serious crime against humanity and Jakarta’s governor should better guarantee women’s safety on public transport.