Stand up Asma Al-Assad !!!

Over the last year, hundreds of people, children, women have already died in Syria… Bachar Al-Assad has been closing his eyes in view of this awful and bloody situation in his own country! So has Asma Al-Assad! But is high time Asma to stand up, to speak out and to care about your people! Stop being afraid and please act for all these dead innocent children!

You are the wife of a ruthless ‘criminal’, but first of all you are a woman and a mother of young children! You are supposed to be the voice of all Syrian women! You must take responsibility! Stop protecting your own life and your own confort, go fighting for your people and stop the violence against women and children! 

Women, Men, everyone around the world, be yourself involved in the protection of Human Rights by signing this petition : Asma Al-Assad: Stop the bloodshed in Syria