What do women’s rights mean to you?

Dear ladies, gentlemen, girls & boys!

What do women’s rights mean to you? Right to education, freedom, respect, dignity, free love, free marriage, the right to talk and to be heard, the right to be safe in the streets, the right to vote and express their opinions! How is the world doing today? How are we, women doing today?

I started my blog over a year and a half ago and through my research and my readings, I went through many terrible and tragic stories, stories that made me angry and appalled, touched me and made me cry! How do I see women’s rights today? POWERFUL! Despite of the very sad stories I got to be aware of, I met powerful and strong women from all around the world! Women in Africa earning for the first time the Nobel Prize of Peace, women being Presidents of their countries or women fighting everyday to raise their children and so on! We are powerful and we are strong because we believe in what we fight for: getting the women’s conditions better around the world and educate girls and women to reduce poverty.

I am a young woman trying to help women around the world, even if I am just a little piece in this big whole world, I do believe I can fight at my level for all of us, women around the world! And please be aware that if all of us, men and women work together holding hands to each other, then we could go further in our struggle! I specify men and women working together, because in my opinion, being feminist does not mean being against men, our fight is not supposed to be men versus women, but power to women and men, together!

So, « What do women’s rights mean to you »?