International campaigns to end violence towards women

« Today violence against women is increasingly recognized for what it is: a threat to Democracy, a barrier to lasting peace, a burden on national economies, and an appalling Human rights violation.” Michelle Bachelet

November 25th stands for the International day for the elimination of violence towards Women. Before starting my article that deals with the greatest international campaigns around the world against violence towards women, please let us have a look at the annual report (2011) of the United Nations Trust Fund to end violence against women.

A very touching story from a service provider in the dominican republic who participated in colectiva mujer y salud sensitization training: “As far as the staff is concerned, we are now much more sensitive… I used to say ‘if she was done over, she must have deserved it. It’s terrible, I know, but I said it…now I am more aware and I identify with these people who have suffered…now I say nothing justifies this woman having been treated that way. » 

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But please do not forget that fighting for the end of violence towards women is not ONE day per year but EVERYDAY, all together, men, women, girls, boys… all together we are stronger !