Deep sexism and discrimination against Women found on Google

Are you shocked by what revealed Google either you search in English, in French (tapez « les femmes doivent être » ou « les femmes ne devraient pas »), or in Spanish (busque por « las mujeres no deberían »), and I guess any other languages… ?

The United Nations worked of this global ad campaign with Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai agency to denounce the discrimination found in Google search terms such as « Women need to be disciplined », « Women should stay at home », « Women shouldn’t have rights », etc. Autocomplete/sexist suggestions from Google when we type the words « women shouln’t » or « women should be » are based on sequences of words the most searched by Internet users. This means that a majority deliberately write in their search engine, « Women should not work » for instance . In this campaign, UN Women has simply chosen different portraits of women whose mouths are hidden by the famous search engine as to keep them quiet.

« For UN Women, the searches confirm the urgent need to continue making the case for women’s rights, empowerment and equality, a cause the organization is pursuing around the world. UN Women is heartened by the initial strong reaction to the ads and hopes they will spark constructive dialogue globally. » (source : UN Women – UN Women ad series reveals widespread sexism)

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