Women’s Rights country by country

This is a very interesting article about women’s rights across the globe from The Guardian that I wanted to share on my page. You can have a look at the situation of almost any country you want to learn about.

I will take today the example of Argentina. This Latin country has a developing economy, and is also a emerging market. Argentina has laws preventing violence against women but on some key-Women’s Rights, the country is way too late like abortion or sexual harrassment.


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However, we can say that Argentina is not so bad compared to other countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen and Egypt where Women’s Rights are almost inexistant. A few Western countries reveal some surprises : Japan does not have any law about sexual harassment, and gender equality is not really respected at work.

It is still so annoying to see that at the 21st century, Women cannot have access yet to security, justice, work, eduction, and health care!